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Triple Line solitaire rules (2 decks of cards)<< Triple Alliance | Triplets >>

Goal: Move out the aces when you can and build them up to king in the same suit.

Build the 12 piles of the layout down in the same suit. Only the top card of a pile may be moved. Empty piles are filled from the deck.

Turn over one card at a time from the deck, playing the top card to other piles when you can.

One redeal is allowed, returning the waste pile back to the deck.

Variation of: Corona

Difference: One redeal is permitted. The circular layout is not used.

This could also be seen as a variation of Limited, gaining a redeal but losing the ability to fill spaces as you please.

Tarbart states "only one deal is allowed". Perhaps it was misinterpreted as "one redeal", and it stuck. This is okay, since otherwise it would be the same game as Corona.

George F. Hervey has his own spin on the rules, building the layout by alternating color, and allowing sequences to be moved. He also allows spaces to be filled from anywhere, though most implementations of his rules omit that. As David Parlett notes, these rules are far too easy.

Rules source: Games of Patience, Tarbart ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett ~ Pretty Good Solitaire, Goodsol Development ~ Solavant Solitaire, Smallware ~ BVS Solitaire Collection, BVS Development

Triple Line solitaire
This is one of 6 layouts for Triple Line in Solitaire Forever II.

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