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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get for free?
A: 7 games: Eight Off, Eliminator, Klondike, Klondike by Threes, Miss Milligan, Octave, Simple Simon. There are no restrictions. Play them as often as you like, without ever making a purchase.

Q: What do I get from the in-app purchase?
A: 302 more games, for a total of 309 games. To see a preview of all 302 games, go to the game selection screen. Open the pop-up menu where you choose which game to play. Choose the option at the bottom, "302 more games". You can take a look at all 302 games. If you wish to purchase them, tap the 'shopping cart' icon in the lower-right.

Q: Are there any ads?
A: No, there are no advertisements. Enjoy the games without any distractions popping up.

Q: Why don't the statistics include the number of wins and losses, and averages?
A: Because every game played would affect your statistics, and you would feel obligated to finish every game you started. By only keeping track of your best results, you can abort or deal a new game without ever hindering your statistics. For more information see "Statistics" in the "Info & help" on the title screen.

Q: How do I change the card layout to left or right handed, or tall or wide?
A: Tap the pull-tab icon in the lower-left corner on the game selection screen. Then tap the "Game layout" icon. Each game has several different layouts to choose from. You can also change the layout while playing, with the previous / next layout controls in the lower-left corner.

Q: I win or lose a lot. Is the deal of the cards random?
A: Yes. The cards are randomly shuffled before each game begins. Like a real deck of cards, it's purely random if you are dealt a game that is easy or impossible to win. It's possible to be dealt several games in a row that are easy or difficult to win. Other than the deal of the cards, the rules of each game determines the general difficulty.

Q: Why is there no "relaxed rules" option like the first app has?
A: There are still several games with relaxed rules, each listed as a new game. Tap the 'i' (info) icon when viewing game rules for variation information. Here are examples of some popular games with relaxed variations:
- Canfield: Canfield (Relaxed). Allows partial piles to be moved.
- Forty Thieves: Josephine. Allows a sequence of cards to be moved without requiring empty piles.
- Klondike: You can always move partial piles, so no relaxed variation is required.
- Spider: Spider (One-Suit). All cards have the same (matching) suit, so all sequences can be moved.

Q: How do I know that the rules used for each game are accurate?
A: Every game has been researched from 31 books dating as far back as the 1800s, and 10 reputable modern sources. When discrepancies are found, majority and/or earlier references are used. Sometimes another variation of a game is included to accommodate different descriptions. The sources for the rules are cited in the info for every game. When viewing the game rules, tap the "i" (info) icon in the top-right corner. For more information see "Accurate Game Rules" in the "Info & help" on the title screen.

Q: What is the difference between normal and advanced graphics?
A: The normal graphics are rendered in an efficient manner to minimize the workload on the GPU. Rendering is faster than advanced graphics, the GPU runs cooler, and there is less drain on the battery if one is being used. Advanced graphics allows more customization of the cards, such as black card fronts with shiny markings. Several animating effects are also added to various graphic options, such as dripping rain and smoke. Advanced graphics can produce some great looking visuals, but it is more demanding on the GPU and battery, and some devices may not animate smoothly.

Q: How do I copy a graphics theme I made to another computer or device?
A: Each graphics theme you save creates a small file on your computer or device. Like any file, it can be copied to another computer or device. You just need to know where to find these files. The location depends on which operating system your computer or device uses. After you have saved your own custom graphics theme, a new category named "My Themes" appears in the list of themes. It has an option to let you know where the user files are. For more information see "Share themes" in the "Info & help" on the title screen.

Q: How do I add my own images to the graphics options?
A: Folders are created on your computer or device where user files are kept. As well as the graphics themes, there are folders for backgrounds, card tables, card backs, and card fronts where you can add JPG or PNG files. See full details here.

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