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Juvenile solitaire rules (2 decks of cards)<< Josephine | King Albert >>

Goal: Discard all cards in pairs that total 14.

The entire deck is dealt face up into 16 piles of 4 cards each, with the last 8 cards exposing only the top of the pile.

Move any exposed card to another card if their ranks combine to a total of 14. The two cards are discarded.

Jacks, queens, and kings count as 11, 12, and 13.

Also known as: L'Enfantine

This is like a 2-deck version of Fourteen Out.

In the original rules the last 8 cards are split into 2 piles of 4, but only 1 pile exposes a card. The 2nd pile waits for the first pile to be depleted. So essentially, they really are a single pile.

David Parlett keeps them in 2 piles and exposes both top cards. He was under the impression that all cards in both piles were made available, which made winning far too easy.

The piles are traditionally stacked, but Professor Hoffman states that it is permitted to look at the buried cards. Spreading out the piles makes this much easier to do.

Rules source: Le Livre Illustre des Patiences, Comtesse de Blanccoeur (L'Enfantine) ~ The Illustrated Book of Patience Games, Professor Hoffman ~ 100 Games of Solitaire, Helen L. Coops ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett

Juvenile solitaire
This is one of 4 layouts for Juvenile in Solitaire Forever II.

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