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Josephine solitaire rules (2 decks of cards)<< Japanese Rug | Juvenile >>

Goal: Move out the aces when you can and build them up to king in the same suit.

Build the 10 piles of the layout down in the same suit. Empty piles can be filled with any card.

You can move a group of cards if they match the build sequence.

Turn over one card at a time from the deck, playing the top card to other piles when you can.

Also known as: Forty Bandits

Variation of: Forty Thieves

Difference: You can move a group of cards that match the build sequence.

Named after Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon's first wife, this variation of Forty Thieves keeps the same rules and layout, except that you can always move any sequence of cards.

Rules source: Pretty Good Solitaire, Goodsol Development ~ Solavant Solitaire, Smallware ~ Wikipedia

Josephine solitaire
This is one of 6 layouts for Josephine in Solitaire Forever II.

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