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Giant solitaire rules (2 decks of cards)<< German Patience (Relaxed) | Glencoe >>

Goal: Move out the aces when you can and build them up to king in the same suit.

Build the 8 piles of the layout down in alternating suit color. You can move a group of cards if they match the build sequence. Empty piles can be filled with anything.

Each time you are done making moves, deal one new card to the top of each pile.

This was once a very popular game in Germany, especially with the Emperor's Guards at Berlin.

This plays very much like another popular game, Miss Milligan. Rather than 'weaving' cards out of the layout, this game allows anything into empty spaces, not just kings. Those empty spaces are vital to a winning game.

Rules source: Games of Patience - 4th Series, Miss Whitmore Jones ~ Games of Patience, Tarbart ~ The Complete Patience Book, Basil Dalton ~ 150 Solitaire Games, Douglas Brown ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett ~ Card Games for One, Michael Johnstone

Giant solitaire
This is one of 6 layouts for Giant in Solitaire Forever II.

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