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Legacy (non-app-store) downloads
Note that there is no registration for downloads from any app store.

You can download and play Solitaire Forever without registering.
Four of the games are free, and you can play them without limits.
(Klondike, Yukon, The Towers, and Eliminator)

You can play any of the other games to try them out,
but they will time-out after 2 minutes.
This way you can evaluate the program before deciding to register.

If you purchase a registration number and enter it into the program,
the time limit will be removed from all of the games.

You will also be helping to support shareware,
and the people whose hard work creates shareware.

Registration costs $25 US.

The Kagi store that used to process purchasing is no longer in business.

Use the contact page and write that you wish to make a purchase. Purchasing is processed via PayPal.
You will receive a friendly reply to confirm which app(s) you are purchasing, with the address to send payment to.
The registration code(s) will be emailed to you following payment.