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Q: Why is it slow and/or the cards all white in Windows 8 (desktop)?

A: You need to upgrade your video driver.
Here are some links to download the newest video drivers:

NVIDIA Drivers
AMD (ATI) Drivers


Q: What do I gain by registering (and what do I get for free)?
(Note that there is no registration for downloads from any app store)

A: Please see the section named "Register" on this web site for details.

In a nutshell, you get 4 games free, and you can try out
all other games, but they will time out after 2 minutes.
Registration removes the time limit.


Q: When I enter my registration, why do the edit boxes flash red?

A: This simply means that you have entered your code incorrectly.
Some characters may look similar, such as S and 5, and Y and V.
Please check the code carefully when entering it.
You will see a "Thank you" message if it is accepted.


Q: In Klondike, why can't I move just some of the cards in a pile?

A: The official rules for Klondike state that you are allowed to move
the exposed card at the top of a pile, or the entire pile of face-up cards.
You are not allowed to move only part of the pile.

However, realizing that many people allow this rule, Solitaire Forever
can allow it. Turn on "Relaxed Rules" from either the "Options" menu,
or from the "Options" screen.

"Relaxed Rules" can alter the rules slightly in others ways also,
depending on which game you are playing.
See the game rules on the "Help" screen to see if there are
"Relaxed Rules" for the current game, and how the rules change.


Q: Why can't I play cards out of the foundation piles?

A: The official rules for most solitaire games simply don't allow it.
In Solitaire Forever version 1.2 and newer, you can choose to
override this rule. From the "Options" menu, or from the "Options"
screen, you can turn on "Allow play from foundations".

Note that if you have "Auto-play" turned on also, that cards played
out of the foundation might "bounce" right back into the foundation.
The program will "auto-play" cards into the foundation if it doesn't
see any purpose for leaving the card in the active play areas.


Q: Can I make it run smoother on my old computer?

A: Solitaire Forever runs smooth even on most old computers.
But if you do notice sluggish performance,
there are some things you can do to gain some speed:

- Turn off the "Fireflies" in the "Animate" options in the "Options" screen.

- Shrink the window size. Smaller is faster.