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Q: Why is it slow in Windows 8 (desktop)?

A: You need to upgrade your video driver.
Here are some links to download the newest video drivers:

NVIDIA Drivers
AMD (ATI) Drivers


Q: What do I gain by registering (and what do I get for free)?
(Note that there is no registration for downloads from any app store)

A: Please see the section named "Register" on this web site for details.

In a nutshell, you get 6 pictures to use and customize as puzzles for free.
You can import your own pictures to use as puzzles,
but without registration, they will begin partially completed.


Q: When I enter my registration, why do the edit boxes flash red?

A: This simply means that you have entered your code incorrectly.
Some characters may look similar, such as S and 5, and Y and V.
Please check the code carefully when entering it.
You will see a "Thank you" message if it is accepted.


Q: The animation seems a little slow and choppy. Why?

A: Puzzles Forever runs smooth even on most old computers.
But if you do notice sluggish performance,
there are some things you can do to gain some speed:

- Turn off the "Fireflies" in the "File" menu.

- Shrink the window size. Smaller is faster.

- Creating puzzles with fewer puzzle pieces will also help.

- Also, things will run quicker pressing the space bar to enter zoom mode.


Q: Can I use my own picture files as puzzles?

A: Yes. When you define a new puzzle, the first thing you choose at
the top of the screen is the picture. To the right of the 6 free pictures
is an icon of a file coming out of a folder. Click that icon to open a
file requester for you to choose an image file from your hard drive.

Note that this feature is intended for registered users.
If you have not registered, you can still import your own picture,
but the puzzle will begin already partially completed.


Q: What picture file types can be imported to use as a puzzle?

A: jpg, png, tif, gif, tga, psd,
pict (Macintosh only)
bmp (Windows only)