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Vertical solitaire rules (1 deck of cards)<< Variegated Canfield | Wasp >>

Goal: Discard all cards.

7 piles are dealt 6 cards each, all face up. The last 10 cards are set aside, all available for play.

No pile will be dealt the same rank more than once.

Move any exposed card to another card if their ranks are the same. The two cards are discarded.

Variation of: Nestor

Difference: There are 7 piles rather than 8. The missing pile increases the remaining cards from 4 to 10.

With fewer buried cards need to be released, there is a nice boost to the odds of winning.

Tom King describes Nestor under the name Vertical, with this variation mentioned as alternate rules.

Goodsol and BVS deal 7 cards to the center pile rather than 6, leaving 9 cards left over rather than 10.

Rules source: Thirty-One Patience Games, Tom King ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett ~ Pretty Good Solitaire, Goodsol Development ~ SolSuite Solitaire, TreeCardGames ~ Solavant Solitaire, Smallware ~ BVS Solitaire Collection, BVS Development

Vertical solitaire
This is one of 4 layouts for Vertical in Solitaire Forever II.

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