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Microbe solitaire rules (2 separated card decks)<< Maze | Midshipman >>

Goal: Build complete same-suit sequences in the layout from king to ace, moving out each when you can.

2 decks are shuffled separately, so the same card will never appear twice in the dealt layout. The 11 piles of the layout are dealt 4 cards each, face down, face up, face down, and face up.

Build the 11 piles of the layout down in any suit. You can move a group of cards that are in sequence, and all the same suit. Empty piles can be filled with anything.

Each time you are done making moves, deal one new card to the top of each pile. Once the deck has been depleted, empty piles can no longer be filled.

Variation of: Spider

Difference: The layout has 11 piles of 4 cards each, alternating face down then face up, rather than 10 piles of 6 or 5 cards. Empty spaces are not required to be filled before playing new cards from the deck, however, they can no longer be filled once the deck has been depleted. The 2 decks are shuffled separately before the deal.

Keeping the 2 decks separate really makes things easy. With 44 unique cards dealt, you are only 8 cards shy of being able to complete the first 4 sequences. Once an empty space is made it's usually pretty easy to release all 44 dealt cards.

The first 11 cards from the deck will contain the 8 cards needed to finish up those first 4 sequences. When those are done, you will have plenty of room to work on the last 4.

The restriction on empty spaces at the end isn't likely to hinder you.

Rules source: The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett ~ Pretty Good Solitaire, Goodsol Development

Microbe solitaire
This is one of 5 layouts for Microbe in Solitaire Forever II.

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