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Eagle Wing solitaire rules (1 deck of cards)<< Dutchess (Relaxed) | Easthaven >>

Goal: One card is dealt to determine the starting rank for the 'foundation' piles. Move out the other 3 when you can, and build them up to piles of 13 cards each in the same suit. Aces play onto kings.

13 cards are stacked face down as the 'trunk'.

4 cards are dealt on either side of the trunk to form the 'wings'. There is no building on these cards. They are available for play to the foundations.

Empty piles are filled from the trunk. When the last card of the trunk is reached it is flipped face up and becomes playable. At this point empty piles may be filled from the deck.

Turn over 1 card at a time from the deck, playing the top card to the foundations when you can.

2 redeals are allowed, returning the waste pile back to the deck.

Also known as: Thirteen Down, Wings

This is almost a variation of Canfield with 8 piles in the layout rather than 4, however, there is no building in the layout. Helen L. Coops allows building, or perhaps missed that detail while she was comparing it to Canfield.

There really isn't any decision-making until the 'trunk' is depleted, when you can start deciding which cards to fill empty spaces with. If you get that far a win is almost guaranteed, but it happens rarely.

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Eagle Wing solitaire
This is one of 5 layouts for Eagle Wing in Solitaire Forever II.

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