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Double Fives solitaire rules (2 separated card decks)<< Double Canfield (Relaxed) | Double Klondike >>

Goal: One of 2 cards is chosen to be the starting rank. Move out the other 7 cards of the same rank when you can, and build them up to piles of 13 cards in the same suit. Aces play onto kings.

2 decks are shuffled separately. The 1st deck deals the layout, with 2 remaining cards set aside. One of these 2 cards must be chosen as the starting rank. The other card remains available for play.

The 2nd deck turns over 5 cards at a time, all 5 available for play. The unplayed cards are set aside before turning over more cards.

Build the 10 piles of the layout down in the same suit. Empty piles can be filled with any card.

You can only move one card at a time. Each empty pile doubles the number of cards you can move, since multiple moves would allow it.

Redeal the unplayed cards once, 1 card at a time to a single waste pile.

This is an elaborate 2-deck variation of Chessboard (Fortress). The extra deck turns over cards for playing into the layout.

This game is easier to win than Chessboard. The extra deck is not included in the initial deal, so it's guaranteed to hold every card you need. Just hope they come up early.

Chessboard is also known as "Fives", which is where this game gets its name.

Rules source: 100 Games of Solitaire, Helen L. Coops ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett ~ Pretty Good Solitaire, Goodsol Development

Double Fives solitaire
This is one of 7 layouts for Double Fives in Solitaire Forever II.

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