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Castle of Indolence (Goodsol) solitaire rules (2 decks of cards)<< Castle of Indolence | Castles in Spain >>

Goal: Move out the aces when you can and build them up to king in any suit.

A 'reserve' of 4 piles is dealt 13 cards each. The top card of each pile is available for play.

Build the 8 piles of the layout down in any suit. Empty piles can be filled with any card.

You can only move one card at a time. Each empty pile doubles the number of cards you can move, since multiple moves would allow it.

Variation of: Castle of Indolence

Difference: Thomas Warfield of Goodsol Development thought this game could use some spicing up and added a layout where cards could be played.

This is very much like a 2-deck variation of Streets and Alleys (Beleaguered Castle). The extra deck is used to create the addition of the 4 reserve piles.

This game is easier to win than Streets and Alleys, primarily because the ace piles don't have to match suits. You can play out entire sequences that have been built in the layout.

Rules source: Pretty Good Solitaire, Goodsol Development ~ Wikipedia

Castle of Indolence (Goodsol) solitaire
This is one of 7 layouts for Castle of Indolence (Goodsol) in Solitaire Forever II.

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