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How to add your own custom graphics

The first time you run Solitaire Forever II, it will create new folders where you can place custom graphic files for backgrounds, card tables, card backs, and card fronts. Simply drop jpg or png files into any of the folders, and those images will appear as options in the graphic settings the next time you start up the app.
* Note that custom card fronts will only be available in Solitaire Forever II when the advanced graphics setting is enabled.

Windows, macOS:
After you have saved your own custom graphics theme, a new category named "My Themes" appears in the list of themes. It has an option to show the user files. Choose it, and the folder containing the user files will be opened for you.


How to view your Android files on a computer

You can view user files in the "Files" app. You can retrieve these files, or add new files from your computer using the iTunes app (select "File Sharing"). In macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or newer, view your device in the Finder and select the "Files" tab
* Note that you can not look inside folders on your computer. You must move entire folders to and from your computer to make changes.

You will also see folders for graphics themes (basic and advanced). This is where the app places theme files when you save a theme in the app. You can copy these files to the same folder on other computers or devices.

There is also a folder for background audio. You can place mp3 or wav files here, and new options for ambient audio will appear in the audio settings.

Expert graphics customization

Solitaire Forever II also supports a higher degree of customization, such as tiling, position, scale, and 3D lighting attributes. You don't need to understand any of this. You may never create your own, but you can still add these graphics yourself. For mobile devices, download this file to your computer, unzip, and copy the files to your device.

Download Graphics Pack 01

This contains images files, as well as text files that describe the graphics. The download file includes simple instructions.

If you are experienced with things like normals maps and specular maps, and can understand a simple script similar in nature to XML, then you can learn to create your own highly customized graphics. Study the text script files that come with the sample download. Each text file includes a list of tags used to describe the various graphic attributes.

Enjoy the app, and have fun adding your own graphics!

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