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Thirteens solitaire rules (1 deck of cards)<< Thieves of Egypt | Thirty-Six >>

Goal: Discard all cards.

10 cards are dealt to form the layout. Their arrangement does not matter.

Move any card to another card if their ranks combine to a total of 13. The 2 cards are discarded, and replaced from the deck.

Jacks, queens, and kings count as 11, 12, and 13. Since kings total 13 by themselves, they are discarded alone.

Also known as: Simple Addition

Rules source: Dick's Games of Patience - Second Series, Dick and Fitzgerald (Simple Addition) ~ The Illustrated Book of Patience Games, Professor Hoffman ~ The Complete Book of Solitaire & Patience Games, Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith ~ 150 Ways to play Solitaire, Alphonse Moyse, Jr. ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett

Thirteens solitaire
This is one of 6 layouts for Thirteens in Solitaire Forever II.

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