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The rules for every individual solitaire game have been carefully researched from 27 books (a 5-in-1 compilation makes it 31) dating back into the 1800s, and 10 reputable modern sources (apps or online). The sources for the rules of each game are listed in the game info. To see the game info within the app, touch the 'i' button when viewing game rules.

Games of Patience - 1st to 5th Series
Miss (Mary) Whitmore Jones
Compilation of all 5 series published circa 1900

Lady Cadogan's Illustrated Games of Solitaire or Patience
Adelaide Cadogan
Published 1874 (2nd edition) - 1887 (Second Series)

Dick's Games of Patience
(William Brisbane) Dick and Fitzgerald
Published 1883, 1884

Le Livre Illustre des Patiences
Comtesse de Blanccoeur
Published 1890

Patience Games with Examples Played Through
Cavendish (Henry Jones)
Published 1890

The Illustrated Book of Patience Games
Professor Hoffman (Angelo Lewis)
Published 1892

Patience: A Series of Games with Cards
Mrs. E. D. (Ednah Dow Littlehale) Cheney
Published 1869 (1st edition) - 1875 (2nd ed.) - 1895 (3rd ed.)

Dick's Games of Patience - Second Series
(William's son, Harris Brisbane) Dick and Fitzgerald
Published 1898

Games of Patience, 2nd Edition
Published 1905

C. C. (Claude Cornelius) Brock
1874- [from old catalog] - Published 1909

A Second New Book of Patience Games
Ernest Bergholt
Published 1917

Solitaire and Patience
George Hapgood
Published 1920 (copyright 1908)

Thirty-One Patience Games
Tom King
Published circa 1920s

Games of Solitaire
George A. Bonaventure
Published 1931

Two-Pack Games of Solitaire
George A. Bonaventure
Published 1932

100 Games of Solitaire
Helen L (Leslie) Coops
Published 1939

The Complete Patience Book
Basil Dalton
Published 1948 (Reprinted in 1967)

The Complete Book of Solitaire & Patience Games
Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith
Published 1949

150 Ways to play Solitaire
Alphonse Moyse, Jr.
Published 1950

150 Solitaire Games
Douglas Brown
Published 1972 (In 1966 as "The Key to Solitaire")

Enjoying Card Games for One
George F. Hervey
Published 1978 (In 1965 as "Teach Yourself Card games for One")

The Penguin Book of Patience
David Parlett
Published 1979, 1980

Card Games for One
Michael Johnstone
Published 1989

World's Best Card Games for One
Sheila Anne Barry
Published 1992

Patience Games
D. B. (David Brine) Pritchard
Published 1995

Collins Patience Card Games
Trevor Day and The Diagram Group
Published 1996 (as Gem Patience Card Games), 2000

Card Games for One
Peter Arnold
Published 2002

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