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Monte Carlo (5x4) solitaire rules (1 deck of cards)<< Monte Carlo | Monte Carlo Thirteens >>

Goal: Discard all cards.

20 cards are dealt into a 5x4 grid.

Move any card to any adjacent card, diagonally also, if their ranks are the same. The two cards are discarded.

At any time, use the deck to fill empty spaces. The remaining cards of the layout are first consolidated, shifting left and up to close the gaps. Once the deck is exhausted, you can still tap the empty space to consolidate the layout.

Variation of: Monte Carlo

Difference: The layout is of a grid of 5x4 cards, rather then a grid of 5x5 cards.

Though this layout is less popular now, it is the layout described in the 1800s by Miss Whitmore Jones. Note that Tarbart consolidates and deals new cards each time a pair is made, rather than at the player's discretion.

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Monte Carlo (5x4) solitaire
This is one of 4 layouts for Monte Carlo (5x4) in Solitaire Forever II.

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