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Florentine solitaire rules (1 deck of cards)<< Flip Flop | Flower Garden >>

Goal: One card is dealt to determine the starting rank for the 'foundation' piles. Move out the other 3 when you can, and build them up to piles of 13 cards each in the same suit. Aces play onto kings.

A layout of 5 cards is dealt in the form of a cross. Build the 4 outer piles down in any suit. Kings play onto aces. You can only move one card at a time. There is no building on the center card, nor can it build onto the outer piles.

Empty outer piles can be filled from the deck, or with the center card. The center card is replaced from the deck.

Turn over one card at a time from the deck, playing the top card to other piles when you can.

One redeal is allowed, returning the waste pile back to the deck.

Variation of: Four Seasons

Difference: The center card can not be built upon, nor built onto the outer piles. Empty piles can only be filled from the deck or the center pile, which is replaced with a new card from the deck. One redeal is allowed.

As David Parlett observes, descriptions fail to mention whether or not the center card can play directly to a foundation. Modern implementations allow it.

By the same token, descriptions don't say whether or not the center card can be used for building onto an outer pile. Likely not, and David Parlett explicitly states not. You are meant to clear a spot to move the center card into play, otherwise it's nothing more than a 5th pile that can't be built upon.

Rules source: Games of Patience - 2nd Series, Miss Whitmore Jones ~ Solitaire and Patience, George Hapgood ~ The Complete Patience Book, Basil Dalton ~ Enjoying Card Games for One, George F. Hervey ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett

Florentine solitaire
This is one of 4 layouts for Florentine in Solitaire Forever II.

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