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Captive Queens solitaire rules (1 deck of cards)<< Capricieuse | Carlton >>

The 4 queens are arranged in the center. They will never be moved nor played upon.

Goal: Move out all 4 sixes when you can and build them up to jack in the same suit. Move all 4 fives when you can and build them down to ace in the same suit, topped with the king.

Turn over 1 card at a time from the deck, playing the top card to other piles when you can.

2 redeals are allowed, returning the waste pile back to the deck.

Also known as: La Francaise, Partners, Quadrille

This game is given an attractive layout, with the kings and knaves partnered with their queens in a winning game. It's a very simple game however, with only one option for each card turned from the deck.

Miss Whitmore Jones, George Hapgood, Basil Dalton, and George F. Hervey describe an old French game named Quadrille that is similar, but plays much like Divorce. The queens are left in the deck, and it's the aces and twos that are built upon, upward in steps of two, ending with kings and queens.

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Captive Queens solitaire
This is one of 6 layouts for Captive Queens in Solitaire Forever II.

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