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Blockade solitaire rules (2 decks of cards)<< Blind Patience | Blonde and Brunette >>

Goal: Move out the aces when you can and build them up to king in the same suit.

Build the 12 piles of the layout down in the same suit. You can move a group of cards that are in sequence.

Empty piles are filled from the deck. Once the deck is depleted, empty piles can be filled from the layout.

Each time you are done making moves, deal one new card to the top of each pile.

Note that there is another game named Blockade, which is like a game named Parallels without any foundation cards dealt. Those games play from the tops and bottoms of 10 piles, but only to the ace and king foundations, leaving little for the player to decide.

This game allows the top card of piles to move, for building in the layout as well as the foundations. The original rules did not allow sequences to move. The top cards were a 'blockade' preventing access to cards below. Morehead & Mott-Smith decided to allow sequences, and the new rule stuck.

Morehead & Mott-Smith allow spaces to be filled from the deck or the layout, before the deck runs out. That new rule did not stick.

Rules source: Lady Cadogan's Illustrated Games of Solitaire or Patience, Adelaide Cadogan ~ Dick's Games of Patience, Dick and Fitzgerald ~ The Illustrated Book of Patience Games, Professor Hoffman ~ 100 Games of Solitaire, Helen L. Coops ~ The Complete Book of Solitaire & Patience Games, Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith ~ The Penguin Book of Patience, David Parlett

Blockade solitaire
This is one of 6 layouts for Blockade in Solitaire Forever II.

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